Opening the FUBU x PUMA box evoke the Hip Hop teenager memory.

Before a few days, shoe survey released by the PUMA Suede Hip Hop and legendary brand FUBU joint shoes messages, many of the old Hip Hop Soul, met after 20 years of Hip Hop culture brand communication so the two sides, but also raging Burn up Perhaps you love Hip Hop, home must have a FUBU jersey it! The editorial department this time with the love of hip hop culture over the years stylist, inscription, obsessed Hip Hop culture for more than 10 years, he put on FUBU x PUMA velvet suit, put PUMA Suede, to talk about his Hip Hop world.


The latest FUBU x Puma S / S 2018 Collection Capsule is available

The collaboration between the famous Hip-Hop brand is already available in selected stores, in vogue especially in the 90s, FUBU  and the German Brand  Puma with the:  FUBU x Puma S / S 2018 Capsule Collection. This Special Collection was designed to continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Puma Suede silhouette .The Whole Capsule is characterized by strong inspiration to the graphics of the nineties, both for men and women, and the collaboration consists of 2 Tracksuits, 2 T-shirts and a sneaker model.


Infamous Feet Meets A Classic For The Street: PUMA X FUBU Suede 50 Pack

The infamous brand the coined the term "For Us By Us" gets immortalized by a brand that has dressed our feet for decades.  Puma has a new collaboration with Fubu, the successful streetwear brand that became a household name 25 years ago birthed by four friends, Daymond John, Keith Perrin, Alexander Martin and Carl Brown.  The PUMA X FUBU Suede 50 is a crisp sneaker rendered in black suede with sharp red details, colors that are signifiers of Fubu's classic logo.  Gold stamped accents detail the vamp and rear heel with a red and black sole that rounds out this sneaker to be a handsome one that pays homage to the coordination of a 90s streetwear 'first' and the downtown appeal of a footwear staple.




It's hard to remember the 90's and its signature streetwear without remembering also this four-letter acronym: For Us By Us . "When we started FUBU we were very young. We were all looking for an alternative, "explains J. Alexander Martin, co-founder of FUBU. Daymond John, adds, "We wanted to do something we liked. We loved the hip-hop world and because we could not dance, make or make money through rap, we began to realize that there were other ways to be part of that culture. "Daymond John, Keith Perrin, the brand in a basement, creating an iconic and timeless label.


The $300,000 Problem That Almost Sank Daymond John's FUBU.

In 1992, Daymond John's one-year-old clothing company, FUBU, had scored what initially felt like a major victory. John had returned from FUBU's first display at a major retail trade show in Las Vegas, where the company had secured $300,000 in preorders. But there was a problem:

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