Blog Post 7

What should Fubu look like in 2021?

Co-founders Daymond John, J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, and Carlton Brown, who are all still involved with the brand, have spent the past few years dropping capsules here and there that lean into nostalgia. But now they are interested in releasing something more modern.

“With this new generation, they didn't really know, they didn't really value the fact of what we were, what we did, and what it meant to the culture,” says Martin. “So our attack was, one, let's get out the nostalgic pieces, where people can go, ‘Wow, oh, I remember that, I remember that.’ And once we got you hooked we put out the pieces you want to see today.”

A couple of years ago Fubu returned to the market in a big way, with a capsule collection that was sold exclusively through select Century 21 stores. 

Co-founder Perrin says the Century 21 collaboration reintroduced the brand to consumers—old and new—and helped test the market, but once Century 21 went out of business in 2020, they had to move on to something else.